Trading Challenges at WeGetFunded: Objectives and Trader Selection

In the world of trading, setting clear and measurable objectives is crucial. These objectives not only guide your trading activities but also serve as essential milestones to evaluate your progress. At WeGetFunded, we believe in the importance of setting these objectives. Today, we will discuss our specific strategy: achieving a 8% profit during Phase 1, a 5% profit during Phase 2, and finally, a separate challenge with no time limit to achieve a 10% profit goal. We will also explain how these objectives help us select the most competent and dedicated traders.

Trading Objectives at WeGetFunded

At WeGetFunded, we are convinced that defining precise objectives provides a clear vision of performance expectations. It allows traders to formulate effective trading strategies and provides a tangible way to measure progress.

Phase 1: Achieving a 8% Profit

In Phase 1, the objective set at WeGetFunded is to achieve a 8% profit, no matter how long it takes. While this may seem ambitious, we believe that this objective is attainable with careful trading planning and rigorous risk management. This phase offers traders the opportunity to understand the market, test their strategies, and refine their approach accordingly.

Phase 2: Achieving a 5% Profit

After successfully achieving the 8% profit goal during Phase 1, Phase 2 aims to achieve an additional 5% profit, no matter how long it takes. The objective of this phase is to maintain profitability while minimizing risks, demonstrating the ability to preserve previously earned gains and continue generating profits in a more conservative manner.

The Unlimited Challenge: Achieving a 10% Profit without a Time Limit

In addition to the two phases, WeGetFunded offers a unique challenge with no time limit, where the goal is to achieve a 10% profit. This challenge allows traders to apply their skills and market understanding without the pressure of a specific deadline. It is an excellent opportunity for traders to showcase their ability to consistently generate profits while effectively managing risks.

A Roadmap for Traders at WeGetFunded

These trading objectives - reaching a 8% profit in Phase 1, a 5% profit in Phase 2, and the challenge without a time limit to achieve a 10% profit - are more than just numbers. They serve as a roadmap for traders, guiding their progression and development.

These objectives allow WeGetFunded to select the most dedicated and competent traders, those who demonstrate discipline, rigor, and effectiveness in risk management. Each step of the process requires a deep understanding of the market, a well-developed strategy, and the ability to adapt to market conditions.

At WeGetFunded, we value traders who can not only meet these objectives but also maintain sustainable profitability while effectively managing risks. We are convinced that the key to success in trading lies in the balance between profit generation and capital preservation.

By meeting these challenges and achieving these objectives, you position yourself among the ranks of competent and dedicated traders. Ultimately, meeting these objectives demonstrates not only your ability to generate profits but also your commitment to prudent and sustainable trading practices. And that is exactly what WeGetFunded looks for in its traders. So, take on the challenge and become part of the elite trading community with WeGetFunded.